Oh. My. Heart. Here is what we know- A man posted that his grandfather’s Great Pyrenees had puppies and one of them, the runt, was born without front paws. They are outdoor dogs and this little girl wasn’t able to move around and was getting covered in ants. We are thankful he scooped her up and saved her from the suggested euthanasia, but she has been sitting alone in a box for a week now, and she is only four weeks old. 😞Tomorrow. 😫 She was super stinky, so we did a quick sponge bath in the Walmart parking lot and are on our way home now. She’s absolutely precious and other then the obviously sore and raw looking front legs, she seems ok. We’ll call one of the vets first thing in the morning to start a game plan, but for right now what this baby needs is love. She’s been taken from Momma way too soon, and is so so very young. Thank you to everyone that played a part in getting her to us. Obviously, you all know, there was no way I could ever turn down a baby Pyrenees. Welcome to the family my tiny little friend. You are loved beyond measure already. Can’t wait to tell you all about the big white Angel, just like you, who undoubtedly had a paw in sending you to me. ❤️ You can read about her Angel on our website- www.safeinaustin.org

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Who’s coming to see this sweet girl tomorrow? She’s working hard and moving those back legs. Her left leg is stiff completely stiff and no matter the amount of cushion or padding her little arm nubs bleed if we let her walk for too long. But you wouldn’t know it by her giant fluffy smile and constant on the go!! Hoping to get her some wheels quickly to take the weight off her front and keep her back legs moving, and she sees the orthopedic for the first time next Wednesday! Can’t wait for you guys to see how cute this little fighter is in person!! We’re open to the public from 5-7pm tomorrow (Saturday)! More details on our FB event page! . . . . . . . #babysteps #progressnotperfection #greatpyrenees #pyreneespuppy #specialneeds #welcometothefamily #dogsofinstagram #puppylove #openhouse #safeinaustinrescueranch #rescueanimalsrescuingchildren #austintexas #atx #rescuelife #farmlife #barkhappy

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Some Monday morning joy for ya!! Halo’s first real steps! The vet said it would be too hard to rig something up that kept her leg bent, but he doesn’t know how determined I can be or seen what I can do with a pool noodle or a coat hanger. 🤗 I cut the corner of a plastic coat hanger off, wrapped it in vet wrap to make it soft, bent her nonworking leg into a position that is more similar to how it would need to be for her to walk, and wrapped it all together. So far she does not have the ability to bend her bad leg by herself, so I’m just helping it a little. I want her to be able to get up and go so badly I can barely stand it. These were the first few moments when I got to see her strong playful spirit take over her body and not just live in her eyes! Be still my heart!!! Praying the medicine starts making big changes, and all this physical therapy work we are doing makes it so she is unstoppable! Who needs front paws anyway?! 😊 Halo will make her next big appearance at the @nulopetfood @barkitecture_austin events coming up! The preview party is the 24th and the main event on the 27th, check our FB event page for more details. You guys have to come see the amazing dog houses some of Austin’s best architects have built to be auctioned off! We are so crazy honored to be one of the beneficiaries this year! This event will help us continue saving and healing special needs animals like our Halo here, so that she can turn around and inspire hope and healing to the special needs children that come to meet her! ❤️🐾 #whatweareallabout #firststeps #rescueanimalsrescuingchildren #barkitectureatx #babyangel #luckyfinsquad #safeinaustinfamily #dogsofinstagram #dogsof512 #dogsofaustin #nonprofitlife

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Today Halo got her first pair of temporary prosthetics! These “house slippers” as they call them are custom fitted to her stumps and are actually the insert to the real prosthetic that will come when she is full grown! I am hopeful that they will be a better option then the constant wrapping we are currently doing to help her get more mobile. Right now though, we are very much in the testing phase. Her nubs are raw…. constantly. And while I had hoped these would provide the extra cushion necessary to take away the pain, it doesn’t seem to be the case yet. To be honest the entire visit this morning was one of those happy/heartbreaking moments. Turns out I wasn’t really thinking clearly when I thought the $800 cost covered two sets of “slippers”… it actually just covers the TWO slippers. I don’t know how long they will fit her, and how many more she will need, or how soon the actual prosthetic will come. But through the tears at the vets office this morning, while she was trying them out and dragging around her back leg, I promised her we will do whatever it takes. ❤️ . . . . #whateverittakes #prosthetics #pawlesspuppy #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogsofaustin #dogsof512 #safeinaustinrescueranch #rescueanimalsrescuingchildren #atx #austintexas #leander #tistheseason #giveback #donationsneeded

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Our Halo! ❤️🐾

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