Cats never cease to amaze us. Norway, a black and white super pregnant female (scroll to last picture) gave birth to five kittens within 48 hours of rescue. Norway was rescued from a NYCHA housing project on Staten Island where she lived most of her life having litter after litter on the street. Norway was super stressed being indoors and was not equipped to nurse and care for her offspring. One died and Norway became super aggressive and not well so we separated them and Norway is doing great in her foster home. She will be spayed and placed up for adoption. Although we have great bottle feeders, moms are the best for kittens; emotionally and physically. So, we placed her kittens with a healthy nursing mom and they are doing very well!!!!!! Momma Mandy had seven kittens, all weaned and doing well on their own so we took a chance and tried to save these newborn kittens with a nursing queen. It worked! It’s really a miracle. We are so grateful to Momma Mandy. We want to bottlefeed and supplement to assure optimal health and weight gain. Foster mom needs some breeders edge formula and miracle nipples. We also would like to send a Chinese buffet of good wet food to this nursing Queen. Can you help? Send us a direct message and we will give you foster moms address. Thank you Meagan, @megcs! @simsmem #mommamandy #norwaylwnyc

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This rescue story is an epic journey much like the little engine that kept saying “I think I can. I know I can.” Despite impossible odds, collectively we made a few miracles happen. It started out on Staten Island with a very feral mom named Norway who was insanely pregnant upon rescue. This was her fifth or sixth litter. She was rescued by an independent rescuer wanting to do the right thing and let Norway give birth inside. She called us. Norway gave birth to five newborns but sadly had a very hard time adjusting. She would not nurse and became incredibly aggressive. We moved them to our co-founders apartment (who has over two decades of cat experience) where Norway basically freaked and one newborn died. After emergency vetting, it was suggested that mom be separated from the newborns as it was too stressful for her. We placed the remaining four with a wonderful nursing mom Mandy. Both foster mom and dad were impeccable caretakers. Sadly, two more passed away despite constant veterinary care, supplemental feedings and a nursing Queen. These two girls fondly named Iota and Mu (pictured with foster Dad Tyrone @thelastavailableusername and getting serenaded) are the sole survivors and they are strong healthy girls that crawl and waddle everywhere and are so happy to be alive. Norway is being spayed and will need a nice barn placement (send us a direct message if you know of one). Fostering allows us to make miracles happen for cats. We bow down to you Megan and Tyrone for doing all the hard work to keep this family alive. We thank Mama Mandy who took these newborns on as her own. Cats amaze us. It is the hope that we will succeed that keeps us going. Apply to foster today at www.littlewanderersnyc.org. @claudiagillhomedecor @courtneychandel @simsmem @megcs #norwaylwnyc #ioatalwnyc #mulwnyc

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